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A breakthrough in sample automation and concentration for GC-MS

Centri is the first platform to offer high-sensitivity unattended sampling and pre-concentration of VOCs and SVOCs in liquid, solid and gaseous samples.

Building on 20 years of excellence and leadership by Markes in the analysis of trace organic chemicals, Centri combines market-leading robotics and analyte-trapping technologies to offer enhanced throughput and performance for HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction, headspace, SPME and thermal desorption.

Who uses Centri?

Centri is ideal for environmental, foot, fragrance and clinical laboratories who:

  • Struggle with time-consuming manual sample preparation such as liquid-liquid extraction and SPE, and want to replace these with automated high-capacity sorptive extraction, thermal desorption, headspace or SPME techniques.
  • Need improved sensitivity for the analysis of organic species in solids or liquids.
  • Want to run many different GC-MS analyses on one platform, using various injection techniques and workflows.

Product benefits

  • Improve performance - Achieve ppt-level sensitivity for VOCs and SVOCs by cryogen-free analyte trapping.
  • Improve versatility - analyse VOCs and SVOCs over a wide concentration range in liquid, solid and gaseous samples.
  • Improve sample throughput - Benefit from Centri's ability to run integrated sequences of multiple sampling techniques and run in 'overlap' mode, for unattended operation all weekend.
  • peace of mind - Future-proof your lab with a wide range of sampling options.


  • Sample modes:
    • HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction - Robust, fully automated probe-based immersive or headspace sampling from liquids and solids.
    • Headspace and Headspace-trap - Versatile sampling from solids and liquids contained in regular headspace vials.
    • SPME and SPME-trap - Fast and sensitive sample extraction, with a range of fibre types offering analyte selectivity.
    • Thermal desorption - Using industry-standard tubes to analyse VOCs and SVOCs in air, or released from materials.
  • Cryogen-free analyte trapping increases sensitivity and allows water and solvents to be selectively purged.
  • Re-collection of split flows, available with every injection mode, avoids having to repeat lengthy sample extraction procedures, and enables storage and re-analysis at a later date.
  • Market-leading robotics and 50-tube TD autosampler reliably automate all operations.
  • Barcode readers and RFID TubeTAGs allow samples to be easily tracked, for a complete chain of custody from the original sample to the re-collected aliquot.
  • Cryogen-free and solvent-free operation reduces cost per sample and is more environmentally friendley than conventional tedious manual sample preparation techniques.

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