Markes has a well-deserved reputation for its application expertise in the field of thermal desorption,
supplying a comprehensive range of instrumentation, sampling equipment and consumables that enhance
the analytical capability of GC–MS.

Air Server-xr 테들러백 오토샘플러

Robust, cryogen-free, on-line air monitoring system

The Air Server-xr™ is a slimline module that allows a controlled flow of air/gas to be introduced directly into the focusing trap of the UNITY-xr thermal desorption unit, allowing automated sampling from on-line air or gas streams.

  • Connect to UNITY-xr thermal desorber
  • Compliant with key standard methods
    • - 악취공정시험방법 Sulfur compounds 4종 분석
    • - 악취공정시험방법 현장연속측정(Sulfur compounds, VOCs & Ketone)
    • - 대기환경보전법 특정대기유해물질(HAPs) 분석
    • - US EPA TO-14, TO-15, PAMS scheme, EU Clean Air Act and more
  • Bag or Canister Capacity : 3ch or 8ch(Automation)
  • Inert three-way switching valves for stream selection
  • Flow control : Electronic(2 MFCs) : 2 ~ 250ml/min
  • Water management option
    • - Nafion Dryer
    • - Kori-xrTM
    • - Trap set at 25℃
  • Upgrade option
    • - UNITY-xr + Sorbent tubes Autosampler(ULTRA-xr) : full TD system

Markes’ re-collection technology –perfect for challenging applications

Sulfur compounds analysis by GC–PFPD

On-line analysis: US EPA PAMS

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