Markes has a well-deserved reputation for its application expertise in the field of thermal desorption,
supplying a comprehensive range of instrumentation, sampling equipment and consumables that enhance
the analytical capability of GC–MS.

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BenchTOF for GC×GC

A flexible, high-performance approach to GC×GC The platform-neutral design of BenchTOF allows you to adopt the best GC×GC modulator – flow- or thermally-regulated ​– for your application. In addition, the ChromSpace® module allows you to acquire and process your GC×GC data in a single workflow as part of the TOF-DS™ platform.

  • GC interface : Agilent, Thermo, Shimadzu
  • Ionisation mode : Electron Ionisation(EI) and Tandem Ionisation
  • Two(2) Dimensional Gas Chromatograph(2D GC)
  • Control software : TOF-DS
    • - GC 및 MSD의 조작 및 정성, 정량을 하나의 Software로 한번에 가능
  • TargetView Software(One year licence)
  • Mass range : m/z 1 ~ 1,500
  • Transfer line Temperature : 50℃ ~ 450℃
  • Resolution
    • - Mass :
      (70eV) >1,200 (FWHM) over 100–1,000 m/z
      (14eV) >800 (FWHM) over 100–1,000 m/z
    • - Time : 1ns, with continuum spectra recorded to 0.01 amu resolution
  • GC sensitivity, EI mode
    • - 70eV : 1 pg OFN(m/z 272.0) will give a signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) >2,000:1 rms while acquiring full spectra up to m/z 800
    • - 16eV : 1 pg Benzophenone(m/z 182.0) will give a signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) >80:1 rms while acquiring full spectra up to m/z 800
  • Data acquisition
    • - Acquisition rate : Up to 560 full-range spectra (to m/z 1,000) stored to disk per second
    • - Native spectral acquisition rate: 10,000 Hz
    • - Data conversion rate: 1 GHz (default)

The enhanced separating power of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC), combined with the sensitivity, spectral quality and robustness of BenchTOF, ensures confident detection and identification of ultra-trace-level analytes even in the most complex sample matrices.


Key advantages of GC×GC–BenchTOF include:

  • - No mass discrimination: Unlike all other TOF systems, BenchTOF instruments deliver reference-quality spectra that are directly comparable to commercial and legacy libraries.
  • - Confident detection and identification of ultra-trace analytes, thanks to the exceptional sensitivity and spectral quality of BenchTOF instruments.
  • - Compatibility with the latest advances in both thermal
    and flow modulation.
  • - Unparalleled productivity and improved analytical workflow,
    thanks to the ChromSpace® GC×GC data-processing module
    for TOF-DS.
  • - Hassle-free soft ionisation, using the power of Select-eV® ion
    source technology – now with Tandem Ionisation® for full
    sample characterisation in a single run.



Comprehensive two-dimensional GC (multidimensional gas chromatography) subjects each ‘fraction’ from a 1D column to a second GC separation, using a modulator to focus the first-column eluent into narrow bands before injecting them into the faster-eluting secondary column. The result of this is the separation of mixtures that co-elute on the first column, and a consequent order-of-magnitude increase in compound resolution.

The INSIGHT™ flow modulator from SepSolve overcomes the cost and logistical issues of the liquid cryogen needed for thermally-modulated systems. In addition, it provides separation of volatiles from C1 to C40+, no modulation breakthrough for improved characterisation of both large and small peaks, built-in splitting for use with multiple detectors, and compatibility with heart-cutting 2D GC.

The valve-based Insight modulator uses differential flows to simply 'fill' and 'flush' a sample loop - meaning low running costs for routine GC×GC and none of the logistical issues associated with liquid cryogen.

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