Markes has a well-deserved reputation for its application expertise in the field of thermal desorption,
supplying a comprehensive range of instrumentation, sampling equipment and consumables that enhance
the analytical capability of GC–MS.

고체흡착관 자동 시료채취기

Multi-tube sequential sampler

The MTS-32™ is a compact, portable sampler for the unattended sequential sampling of air onto a series of sorbent tubes. Constant-flow pump technology ensures that the same volume of air is collected onto each tube.

  • 순차적으로 32개까지 고체흡착관을 이용한 시료채취 가능(무인샘플링)
  • Shower-proof box housing, Inlet and outlet with fine wire gauze
  • Sorbent tube dimension : industry standard(89mm Long × ¼" O.D)
  • Internal heater : 12Watt
  • Battary system : 12V(내부 충전식), 외부 전원 연결가능
  • Diffusion Locking Technology : DiffLok CapTM, SafeLokTM tube
  • Sampling time : 1min ~ 99hr
  • Sampling flow range
    • - Constant flow : 20 ~ 200mL/min
    • - Constant pressure : 1 ~ 350mL/min

Figure 1: Schematic of a sorbent tube sealed at the sampling end with a DiffLok cap.

Figure 2: SafeLok sorbent tube schematic showing the diffusion-locking inserts at the ends of the tube.

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