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Software for BenchTOF mass spectrometers

TOF-DS™ is an intuitive software platform for BenchTOF instruments for Agilent, Thermo or Shimadzu gas chromatographs, incorporating full instrument control and comprehensive data-processing tools.

Finding compounds that previously escaped notice

TOF-DS incorporates advanced new features such as dynamic baseline compensation (DBC), advanced spectral deconvolution, effortless qual-to-quant workflow and the ChromCompare chromatographic comparison capability. These exceptional capabilities perfectly complement the fundamental performance and information-rich data generated by BenchTOF – maximising the quantity and quality of results while saving hours of interactive data processing.

Find out how ChromCompare can help save time and effort when comparing complex chromatographic profiles.

Access your results immediately

The advanced functionality of TOF-DS is also available in near-real-time, allowing peaks to be deconvolved, identified and quantified on-the-fly as the acquisition proceeds. This greatly simplifies and speeds up routine requirements such as method development and analysis of urgent samples.

Do you find method development a chore?

From the real-time data processing capabilities described above to the inclusion of ‘unlockable’ parameters, every aspect of TOF-DS software is designed to enhance and streamline routine operations.

The uncluttered, customisable user interface eases navigation and visualisation of complex datasets, further enhancing workflow. Finally, a customisable reporting module delivers sample reports that meet the requirements of different laboratory clients, with no reliance on third-party software.


Key advantages of TOF-DS include:

  • - Unique and powerful functionality for optimising data quality and productivity:
    • · Dynamic baseline compensation (DBC)
    • · Advanced deconvolution
    • · ChromCompare® automated sample comparison algorithm.
    • · ChromSpace® optional plug-in for GC×GC data visualisation and processing.
  • - On-the-fly data processing gives access to data in near-real-time, offering rapid turnaround on urgent samples and fast method development
  • - ‘Unlockable’ method parameters allow analytical conditions to be modified within a sequence without developing and storing multiple methods, simplifying method development
  • - Uncluttered user interface optimised for fast data review.


Software for detection & identification of compounds in GC–MS profiles

What is TargetView?

TargetView™ is a time-saving software package allowing accurate identification of both target and ‘unknown’ compounds in GC–MS profiles.​

Who should use TargetView?

If you’re a GC–MS analyst who needs to rapidly screen chromatograms against compound libraries, then TargetView is for you. It is especially useful if you’re looking for trace-level analytes apparently lost in complex background, or hidden under co-eluting peaks.​

What makes TargetView special?

  • - TargetView provides extensive GC–MS data-mining functionality, while being far less complicated and much easier to learn than other software platforms.
  • - The advanced algorithms used by TargetView work 'behind the scenes'. You don't need to understand the detail of how it operates, or to be an expert at chemometrics, to get accurate, reliable results.
  • - TargetView's interface allows you to delve into the results as much as you want – from a simple 'yes/no' confirmation that a particular compound is present, to detailed examination of elution profiles, comparison of mass spectra, and generation of extracted-ion chromatograms.


What benefits does TargetView offer?

TargetView brings the following benefits to the GC–MS analyst:

  • - Identification of target compounds and ‘unknowns’
  • - Rapid screening of chromatograms against compound libraries
  • - Rapid creation of spectral libraries from various source
  • - Simple reports
  • - Elimination of background interferences
  • - Deconvolution of co-eluting compounds
  • - Multi-vendor compatibility
  • - Calculate linear retention index values for target compounds

What you can do...

  • - Learn TargetView quickly – it’s far simpler than equivalent software packages
  • - Find trace-level compounds in complex matrices
  • - Resolve contributions from co-eluting compounds
  • - Understand what your sample contains in a glance with TargetView’s simple report
  • - Interpret results easily using TargetView’s interactive chromatogram
  • - Prepare spectral libraries easily
  • - Unify your laboratory procedures by processing data using a single platform


GC×GC data-processing module for TOF-DSTM

The new ChromSpace® software module allows you to explore and process your GC×GC files while remaining in the TOF-DS software environment for BenchTOF instrument control, method development and data-processing.

The ideal choice for comprehensive screening of complex samples

A unique combination of peak perception algorithms ensures that even trace-level, masked peaks are not overlooked or incorrectly merged.​

Making routine GC×GC a reality

ChromSpace uses the same clean, icon-based layout as TOF-DS, simplifying the transition to GC×GC. Time-saving features, such as instant display of library matches and dynamically-linked panes, make GC×GC data exploration effortless.​


Key advantages of TOF-DS include:

  • - Dynamic and targeted deconvolution modes to expose hidden peaks.
  • - Simplified, user-friendly quantitative workflow.
  • - Simultaneous acquisition and processing of MS and single-channel data, e.g. FID.
  • - Customisable layout to suit all users.

ChromSpace for unparalleled productivity

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