Our analytical instrument can be applied to a wide range of
environmental, material, and energy challenges, analyzing VOCs & SVOCs.
We offer precise measurements for high-analytical quality, empowering researchers and
industry professionals to make informed decisions and promote sustainability.

The complementary roles of dynamic headspace and sorptive extraction in the analysis of fragranced consumer products using TD-GC-MS


This study describes the analysis of three fragranced consumer products - fabric conditioner, washing detergent and washing powder - using three sampling approaches in conjunction with analysis by TD-GC-MS. As well as comparing the analyte ranges covered by dynamic headspace sampling, headspace sorptive extraction and immersive sorptive extraction, the ability of Markes’ re-collection technology to streamline method development and validation is discussed.


Near-real-time profiling of fragrance components and potential allergens from air fresheners using TD-GC-MS


In this study we describe the use of a continuously sampling thermal desorber in conjunction with GC–MS to monitor the build-up and decay of fragrances and potential allergens released into indoor air from a plug-in air freshener.

Comprehensive analysis of aroma compounds released from incense sticks using TD-GC-MS


This document describes the analysis of VOCs released from incense sticks (agarbatti) using three sampling methods – a Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor for comprehensive analysis, pumped in-room sampling, and an Easy-VOC grab-sampler for robust sampling in challenging environments.

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