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Centri는 자동으로 전처리 시료를 추출 및 농축하는 기기로서, 영국 Markes International사의 열탈착기술과 CTC사의 Combi PAL 기술의 합작으로 기존에 없던 성능을 구현하는 제품입니다. Combi PAL의 기본 기능인 liquid-injection, Headspace, SPME, SPME-Arrow와 더불어 Markes사의 저온농축관 기술(cold-trap)이 결합하여 미량 시료 분석에 최적화된 기기입니다. 기체, 액체, 고체 모든 상의 샘플 처리가 가능하며 기존 PAL system에 비해 최소 50배에서 100배의 향상된 감도를 나타낼 수 있습니다.

Users for Advanced Analysis with Centri

  • Contract Labs for QA/QC
  • Government Labs
  • Environmental Research Institutes
  • Government and State Health Departments
  • Petrochemical Industry for Emissions Monitoring

Enhancing sensitivity in routine VOC analysis

Developed specifically for the selective enrichment of trace volatile and semi-volatile organics in complex real-world samples, Markes' cryogen-free focusing and injection technology leads the world in performance and versatility. Field-proven over 25 years, Centri 90's backflushed trap combines exceptional concentration enhancement - increasing detection limits by hundreds of times - with representative profiling of trace analytes over the widest available volatility range. It also facilitates selective purging of water and other volatile interferences as well as providing a multi-step enrichment functionality for improved sensitivity and for method development.

Superior analyte preconcentration for trace volatiles

  • Achieve simultaneous analysis of VOCs and SVOCS in a single run with expertly- tailored multi-bed sorbent traps combined with backflush operation.
  • Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of cryogen, and avoid associated risk of ice blockages with controlled, electrical cooling.
  • Optimise sample throughput with short analytical cycle times thanks to fast trap cool-down in combination with robust sample overlap.
  • Obtain optimum chromatography with all modes of operation, thanks to the narrow-bore design providing fast and efficient desorption of analytes.

Cutting-edge backflushed trap technology

80-component mixture of VOCs in water at 20 µg/L (ppb)

Enhanced sensitivity and excellent peak shapes

Multi-step enrichment for further sensitivity boost

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