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Sorbent Tube(고체흡착관)

  • 헬륨 Conditioning으로 오염물질 완벽 제거
  • 흡착관 보관 Box case 무료 제공
  • 전국 어디나 무료 배송(항시 재고 보유)
  • 해외 제품군 흡착관 중에서 가장 저렴하며 성능 우수
  • Tube dimension : Industry standard 89mm Long x ¼" O.D
    • - Markes, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu 사의 열탈착기(TD)와 완벽 호환
  • Tube Type
    • - Stainless steel
    • - Inert coated stainless steel
    • - Glass
    • - SafeLokTM
  • Bestseller Tube code
    Part number Application
    C1-AAXX-5003 악취 중 VOC 7종, 실내공기질
    C2-AAXX-5032 악취 중 VOC 7종
    C2-AAXX-5149 Bio-monitoring
    C3-AAXX-5035 TO-14 (VOC 43종)
    C3-AAXX-5266 유해대기 (VOC 13종) 범용적으로 사용
    C3-Custom made 악취 중 유기산, 축사 악취 분석

Choosing sorbent tubes and traps for optimal analytical performance

Selection of sampling tubes and focusing traps for thermal desorption (TD) is key to successful analyses and involves consideration of a variety of factors. Packed with appropriate sorbent(s), tubes and traps allow quantitative analysis of a wide range of compounds, from C2 hydrocarbons and freons to semi-volatiles such as PCBs, phthalates and PAHs, without requiring liquid cryogen coolant.

Selected References (Seawater)
  Application Standard methods Analyte
Sampling Tube type Tube material Part number Cold trap
Ambient air Air quality US EPA TO-17,
ISO 16017-1,
EN 14662-1
C2-C14 Active Universal Stainless steel C3-AAXX-5266 Air toxics
Air toxics Glass C3-BAXX-5259
Air quality ISO 16017-2,
EN 14662-2
C2-C14 Passive Dependent on target analytes Air toxics
SVOCs - C6-C40 Active SVOC air Stainless steel C2-AAXX-5342 High-boilers
Unknown atmospheres - C2-C15 Active Universal – SafeLok Stainless steel C3-DAXX-5266 Air toxics
Land analysis Soil gas analysis - C4-C32 Active Soil gas Stainless steel C3-AAXX-5304 Soil gas
Vapour intrusion ASTM D7663 C4-C32 Active Sulfur Inert-coated C2-CAXX-5314 Soil gas
Vapour intrusion ASTM D7758 C4-C32 Passive Dependent on target analytes Soil gas
Workplace Workplace MDHS 72, EN 1076,
ISO 16017-1
C2-C14 Active Universal Stainless steel C3-AAXX-5266 Air toxics
Air toxics Glass C2-BAXX-5259
Workplace EN 838, ISO 16017-2, MDHS 80 C2-C14 Passive Dependent on target analytes Air toxics
Indoor air In-vehicle ISO 12219 series,
C4-C32 Active Material emissions Stainless steel C3-AAXX-5304 Material emissions
Indoor ISO 16000-6,
ISO 16017-1,
ASTM D6196
C4-C16 Active Material emissions Stainless steel C3-AAXX-5304 Material emissions
C6-C30 Active Indoor air - Tenax Stainless steel C1-AAXX-5003 Material emissions
Chemical content
& emissions
Products and materials ISO 16000-6,
ASTM D6196
C4-C32 Active Material emissions Stainless steel C3-AAXX-5304 Material emissions
Direct desorption VDA 278 C6-C25
Direct Empty Glass, 30 mm
C0-NXXX-0000 General-purpose
Cleanroom VDI 2083-17 C4-C32 Active Material emissions Stainless steel C3-AAXX-5304 Material emissions
Automotive ISO 12219,
ISO 16000-6
C4-C32 Active Material emissions Stainless steel C3-AAXX-5304 Material emissions
(Note that VOST methods based on TD have been superseded)
Landfill gases LFTGN 04 Thiols Active Odour Inert-coated C2-CAXX-5314 Sulfur
Refineries US EPA 325,
UK Protocol
Passive EPA 325 Inert-coated with TubeTAG C1-CCAX-5020 325
Odorous analysis - Thiols Active Odour Inert-coated C2-CAXX-5314 Sulfur

Multi- bed sorbent tubes and cold traps allow a wider range of analytes to be adsorbed than the single - bed equivalent. They are trapped in one direction and desorbed off in the opposite direction to avoid irreversible binding of compounds to stronger sorbents.

Sorbent Tube Tracking Technology(TubeTAGTM)

Enhanced traceability for optimum chain-of-custody

  • All tubes labeled with a unique ID number in barcode and alphanumeric format.
  • Only Markes tubes can be fitted with TubeTAG™ to track tube history
  • Automatically ensure full chain of custody from field to lab, and back
  • NO human errors OR expensive reworks
  • Improve workflow recording:
    • - Sampling start/end time and date
    • - Sampling location
    • - Number of analytical cycles

Diffusion Locking Technology(DiffLok CapTM)

  • Very effective seal for tubes on TD autosamplers
  • Prevent artefact ingress and loss of analytes
  • DiffLok caps allow gas to flow when pressure is applied
  • No capping/uncapping necessary
  • DiffLok caps provide a better seal than traditional TD push-on caps
  • Patented DiffLok caps prevent artefact ingress and loss of analytes on TD100-xr & ULTRA-xr.
  • They allow gas to flow when pressure is applied & can stay on the tubes This simplifies TD automation (no capping/uncapping)

Breath Sampler(Bio-VOC)

Easy-to-use breath sampler for cost-effective biological

The Bio-VOC is a simple, disposable device for collecting volatile
organic compounds (VOCs) in breath samples and transferring them
to sorbent tubes, for subsequent analysis by thermal desorption(TD).

Requiring minimal training, the Bio-VOC is ideal for any application
Where the presence of medically qualified staff would not be practical
- such as large-scale studies of factory workers or the public.

Product highlights

  • Non-invasive and easy to use - no need for medically qualified staff.
  • Collects only the alveolar air - the most reliable indicator of VOC concentrations in the blood.
  • Can be used multiple times for one participant within a single sampling session.
  • Simple manual transfer of collected breath to TD sorbent tubes.

Applications of Bio-VOC

Breath sampling using Bio-VOC is relevant to two key fields of study:

  • Monitoring exposure to hazardous chemicals in the
    • Exposure to solvents and other workplace chemicals is easy to
      assess using Bio-VOC, and can be applied to both short-term
      and long-term exposure monitoring.
  • Disease diagnosis:
    • Conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease have
      been found to influence the profile of VOCs in the breath.
      Breath sampling by approaches such as Bio-VOC is therefore
      increasingly being recognised as suitable for large-scale
      screening of suspectible populations.

토양오염 샘플링장치(VOC-Mole)

Robust and easy-to-use soil gas sampler

The VOC-Mole is a stainless steel assembly that is inserted into
the ground, allowing soil gas to be sampled onto a sorbent
tube, for analysis by thermal desorption (TD)–GC.

The VOC-Mole is simple to use and easy to transport, and
perfect for any analyst wishing to monitor levels of volatile
organic compounds in soil.

Product highlights

  • Organic pollutants pass through holes in the hollow tube and are collected on a sorbent tube.
  • Probe can be left in the ground for long periods.
  • Compatible with diffusive and pumped sampling.
  • Use of multiple VOC-Moles in a grid arrangement allows the creation of VOC maps.
  • Special cap prevents ingress of water, wildlife and soil debris.
  • Various pack sizes and probe lengths available.

Key applications

  • Surveys of industrial, waste and brownfield sites.
  • Screening of organic pollutants over large areas.
  • Pinpointing of leaks from pipelines and industrial facilities.

Grab Sampler(Easy-VOCTM)

Simple, catch-all sampling solution for VOCs in air or gas

Product highlights

  • Easy grab-sampling onto sorbent tubes.
  • Robust and intuitive, with no pump to calibrate.
  • 50-500 mL volumes.
  • More versatile alternative to canister sampling - compatible with n-C3 to n-C32.
  • Accommodates ¼" and 6 mm o.d. sorbent tubes.

액상표준물질 함침장치(CSLRTM)

Calibration Solution Loading Rig

Markes International’s Calibration Solution Loading Rig (CSLRTM) has been
specifically designed for loading sorbent tubes with gas- or liquid-phase
standards. With an unheated injector port, it also complies with key TD
standard methods such as ISO 16017. US EPA Method TO-17 and ASTM

Operation is simple - with the packed sorbent tube connected to the CSLR,
the standard is injected through the septum, allowing the compounds to
be swept onto the tube in a stream of carrier gas.

Fence line Monitoring(US EPA325)

US EPA Method 325 for fenceline air monitoring for benzene & other VOCs

Issued on 29 September 2015, US EPA Method 325 is required to comply with the new US federal regulation CFR 40. Monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) around the boundary of refineries requires 2-week passive sampling and TD–GC (or GC–MS) analysis.

Although benzene is the primary target compound of Method 325, the sampling and analysis methodology can also be used to determine other VOCs, including other hazardous airpollutants (HAPs) without further method development.

All petroleum refineries seeking compliance with US EPA regulations, together with federal, regional and independent test laboratories, have until 2018 to adhere to Method 325.

Why choose Markes for your Method 325 refinery perimeter monitoring solution?

  • - Complete sampling and analytical package & full range of accessories available.
  • - TD instrumentation fully compliant with Method 325 and compatible with any GC or GC–MS system.
  • - Renowned experts in both sampling & analysis of VOCs.
  • - Reduced risk of litigation through complete chain of custody.

The complete solution for sampling and analysis

고체상 카트리지 추출 시스템(HiSorb)

HiSorb sorptive extraction

HiSorb™ is an innovative, labour-saving sampling system for
the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds
(VOCs and SVOCs) in liquids and solids by TD–GC–MS.

Extending the capability of thermal desorption (TD), HiSorb
probes and accessories are ideal for trace-level component
characterisation, aroma profiling, quality control and
advanced research across a wide range of applications.

Who uses HiSorb?

  • - Existing thermal desorption users wishing to extend their capabilities to extraction from liquids.
  • - Users of headspace, solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME) or liquid extraction wanting to enhance the characterisation of their samples or obtain complementary information​.

Why use HiSorb?

Increased sensitivity

  • - Detection limits are lower than for SPME because of the larger capacity of the PDMS sorbent.
  • - Cryogen-free pre-concentration by TD prior to automated GC–MS analysis improves sensitivity.


  • - HiSorb can be used for immersive or headspace sampling of liquids and solid samples.
  • - HiSorb is compatible with TD–GC–MS analysis using industry-standard tubes on all leading commercial systems.

HiSorb Agitator

HiSorb probes extract VOCs and SVOCs from liquids most
effectively when the headspace vial is gently agitated and
heated. Markes offers the HiSorb Agitator specially for this

Detection of taint and odour compounds in water by immersive sorptive extraction.

Sampling Workflow

Instrument & Technology
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